The Schlossviertel (Castle quarter) of Chemnitz

         On the food of the Schlossberg (Castle hill) lies the Schlosspark with a large lake called Schlossteich.

The Park consists of a area of 12 ha. It was first layed out in 1493 by abbot Heinrich von Schleinitz who ordered the damming of creek Pleissbach. During this time the lake served as fish hatchery for the cloister kitchen. 
In 1860 the city took over the property and developed it into a park. 
today the lake is used for recreatin of row boats and paddle boats. There are also two little Milkhaus Restaurants one land and one over the water on a small pier.  

Woth seeing:  
   Schillingsche Figuren (States "Four Seasons")
   Fontain by Manfred Otto 
   Mueller-Zipper-Fontain by Bruno Spieß

The Schlossteich in Chemnitz

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