Inside the Schlosskirche in Chemnitz
- the north portal -

The eleven meters high portal with tympeniumis a well know piece of art, created by Hans Witten and Franz Maidburg. It was carved during the year 1525 
Originally was the north portal at the entry of the north side of the church and was coloured (right picture). Influence from bad weather threatened to distroy the art work forever. For this reason it was professionally restored and moved to the interior of the church. In the lower plain are the founders of the cloister, emperior Lothar and his wife empress Richenza, as well as the Bischop and Abbot who are centered. Above is the holy Benedict of the cloister's order and Scholastika, in the center is Mary with the infant Jesus as patrone of the cloister. The outer parts show John the Babtist and John the Evangelist. At the top is the godly chair with the Holy Trinity: God the father sitting on the throne, Jesus the son at the Cross, above the beam a pigeon, as the Holy Ghost. Both sids show two angels playing an instrument.
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